Long-Term Care Insurance for Doctors, Physicians, and Dentists

Is Long-Term Care Insurance
right for you?

Many adults require Long Term Care as they age. In fact, 40% of people in Long Term Care are under the age of 65. You may think you can pay for long term care on your own, but will your savings be enough? Let Doctors Benefits help you protect your savings and gain peace of mind knowing Long Term Care Insurance will provide you with more options and control over your care.

We provide both Traditional Long Term Care Insurance Plans and Asset Based Plans.

Traditional LTCi Plans – Provide the most LTC benefits for your premium. Prices are subject to change and no benefits are return if unused.

Asset Based LTCi – Provide sufficient LTC benefits and will pay in the form of LTCi benefits to the insured or to a beneficiary for any unused portion of benefits.

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