Let’s Talk About Disability Insurance

All of your hard work can be effectively cut-short by a disabling condition. Without the means to continue in your current occupation or specialty, you may face debt obligations and income reductions that significantly alter your life.

  • 10-40% off retail rates for physicians, residents & fellows
  • Up to $35,000 in monthly benefits

  • Residual & Recovery Benefits
  • True Own-Occupation/Specialty Specific Coverage
  • Fixed rates with no premium increases until age 65 or longer

Special Offer For Physicians


Guide to Disability Insurance For Physicians

With this guide, you will learn:

  • Important disability statistics

  • The types of disability insurance

  • How occupation classes work

  • How much income can be recovered in a disability

  • What happens if you are unable to perform your
    specialty, but can perform other tasks

  • Tax considerations for DI

  • And more