Let’s Talk About Disability Insurance

All of your hard work can be effectively cut-short by a disabling condition. Without the means to continue in your current occupation or specialty, you may face debt obligations and income reductions that significantly alter your life.

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doctors disability guideDepending on your occupation or specialty, a disabling condition can be something as small as a broken finger, slipped disc, cracked ankle, or some other seemingly minor condition. The disability doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatic to have a dramatic impact on your ability to do your work to the fullest.

Many physicians have misconceptions regarding disability insurance, especially when it comes to cost, coverage, and need. The truth is that medical professionals typically receive more coverage at a lower cost, when compared to other professions.

Understanding your disability insurance options, however, can be somewhat difficult. Fortunately, through Doctor’s Benefits, you have access to experienced financial professionals that understand the specific challenges and needs of physicians like you.

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Guide to Disability Insurance For Physicians

With this guide, you will learn:

  • Important disability statistics

  • The types of disability insurance

  • How occupation classes work

  • How much income can be recovered in a disability

  • What happens if you are unable to perform your
    specialty, but can perform other tasks

  • Tax considerations for DI

  • And more