No-Exam Life Insurance Programs

No-Exam Life Insurance Programs

A medical exam is a typical step in the process of getting a life insurance policy. But, with the COVID-19 pandemic making it more difficult to see a medical professional in-person, many life insurance companies have implemented no-exam programs. These programs make it far easier for people to get life insurance coverage. Here at Doctors Benefits, we’ll always try to find a no-exam option of securing life insurance coverage before setting up a medical exam. Let’s learn more about life insurance exams and programs that omit them in the requirements to receive coverage.

The Purpose of Life Insurance Exams

Insurance companies typically require applicants to undergo a medical exam with a medical professional to gather basic, up-to-date medical information, as well as applicants’ medical history. The exam generally consists of a verbal questionnaire, basic measurements like height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure, and standard sample collections (i.e. blood and urine). These collections are for basic tests that would inform your insurance company of any underlying conditions. and/or drug use (remove). This information helps the insurance company calculate a rate for your policy.

How Do No-Exam Life Insurance Programs Work?

When you apply for no-exam life insurance, you’ll still be required to answer medical questions and provide medical records. This will provide the life insurance company with the same information that’s provided verbally in a medical exam, just without the need for an examiner to come see you. In place of the sample collections, the company may use lab results from your medical records, or simply not require lab results at all.

Why do insurance companies offer no-exam programs? For one, these programs save insurance companies money. Insurance companies generally cover the cost to administer a medical exam to applicants. When no exam is required, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay for the exam. Additionally, life insurance companies can provide greater convenience to their customers through no-exam programs, which in turn improves customer satisfaction. Given that no-exam life insurance programs involve more risk for the insurance companies, age and amount limits typically apply. But, if you qualify for one of these programs, it can give you an opportunity to gain life insurance without the hurdle of a medical exam.

The Benefits of No-Exam Life Insurance


The main benefit of no-exam life insurance is convenience. Many life insurance applicants aren’t willing to undergo a medical exam, often due to a hectic schedule. With no-exam programs, applicants can skip the hassle of an exam and still obtain coverage.


Oftentimes, no-exam programs expedite the process of getting approved for life insurance. So, one of these programs can be an excellent way for uninsured individuals to quickly get coverage.

Safety Amid The Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging across the United States, staying at home remains the best way to stay safe against infection. With no-exam life insurance, you can secure a life insurance policy without leaving the safety of your home or seeing a medical professional. To learn more about no-exam life insurance options for medical professionals, please contact Doctors Benefits today.