Disability Insurance

Long & Short Term Disability

Physicians often become disabled during their working years when it is least expected. With disability coverage, if you are unable to work as a result of a covered injury or illness, you can receive monthly payments. Whether the circumstances are temporary or permanent, you and your family can count on a potential source of income. We also offer Specialty Specific disability coverage.

Business or Professional Overhead Insurance

Your practice depends on you. So if you get hurt or sick, and as a result become disabled, Business or Professional Overhead Expense insurance can help cover the costs of temporarily running your practice. These benefits can cover your employees’ salaries and other expenses, including utilities, supplies, and rent.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Many adults require Long Term Care as they age. In fact, 40% of people in Long Term Care are under the age of 65. You may think you can pay for long term care on your own, but will your savings be enough? Let us help you protect your savings and gain peace of mind knowing Long Term Care Insurance will provide you with more options and control over your care.

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